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Model. Simulate.
Understand. Improve.

Working with executive leaders across the globe to build models that challenge assumptions and solve complex problems.

Welcome to Dynamic Operations

System Dynamics thinking and modelling empowers leadership teams to make effective decisions, avoid unwanted outcomes, and anticipate the large-scale impacts of actions.

We are amongst the most passionate and experienced users of ithink and Stella (link to in the Asia Pacific region. Our services cover the complete range from sales and tech support, to high end consulting.

At Dynamic Operations we work with leadership teams across the globe to build systems models that develop a deep understanding of problems of a complex, systemic, or dynamic nature.

We build rich simulations that clearly explain model concepts and help teams to challenge different assumptions, and consider the outcomes over time to improve operations.

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Stella & Ithink

Stella Professional is your complete modeling tool for dynamic modeling, policy analysis, and strategy development. Quickly perform “what if” analyses to support and improve your decision making.

Stella Professional’s intuitive interface allows you to quickly move from an idea to building models and exploring results. The simplicity of the stock flow diagram and effective behavioural analysis will quickly make it your invaluable modelling tool.

Take analysis to the next level and dynamically explore your model results. Quickly analyse your model and identify key variables that affect the behaviour of your system and better understand the dynamics at play.

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