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Problems don’t occur in isolation, they occur within a system. Developing a model around that system allows you to view and understand key relationships and structures that drive the system behaviour.

System Dynamics thinking and modelling empowers leadership teams to make effective decisions, avoid unwanted outcomes, and anticipate the large-scale impacts of actions.

At Dynamic Operations we work with leadership teams across the globe to build systems models that develop a deep understanding of problems of a complex, systemic, or dynamic nature.

We build rich simulations that clearly explain model concepts and help teams to challenge different assumptions, and consider the outcomes over time.

In developing models, we inherently learn more about the system. Simulating models provide a risk-free environment to rapidly test What-if scenarios, identify solutions, and avoid unwanted behaviour. These models are developed using a combination of research evidence, intuitive learning and years of industry experience.

We are amongst the most passionate and experienced users of ithink and Stella ( in the Asia Pacific region. Our services cover the complete range from sales and tech support, to high end consulting.

Our outcomes deliver a complete understanding of the cause-effect analysis of problems. The concise models created make it easy to communicate the change required to improve operational efficiencies, to ultimately achieve the desired results.

Dynamic Operations supports the use of iThink and Stella to help solve “Wicked Problems” in the Engineering, Business, Health and Public Policy arenas. We provide general consulting, training and mentoring in the use of System Dynamics and facilitate the well known board games, The Beer Game, Friday Night in the ER, The Manufacturing Game, Rehab 2139 and Airpower 2100.

For over thirty years, we’ve helped hundreds of professionals, researchers, and students see their world from a new perspective.